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The multi-coloured acacia timber Drove TV Unit with 2 Doors & 2 Niches is ideal for a Country, Coastal or Colonial feel.   Adjustable shelves.  Anti-Topple Anchors Included.  2 Cable Holes.

Structural Frame: Solid Acacia Timber

Dimensions: W180 x D50 x H60 CM

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The acacia tree, a hardwood species native to Australia, is well known for its fast growth and hard density. Growing to 30m tall in as little as 12 years this fast growth rate produces tall straight trunks ideal for furniture production.

Acacia plantations, are often located in areas where soil has been degraded and nutrients eroded away. The fast growing root system of the acacia helps to replenish nitrogen levels in the soil while preventing further soil erosion. These benefits coupled with the acacias accelerated carbon absorption properties make the Acacia one of the most environmentally friendly plantation tree’s available.

Known for being extremely heavy, hard and strong acacia wood is not likely to warp or crack during manufacture.

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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 185 × 55 × 65 cm


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